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  •   18. Februar 2019  

Aktuelle Print-Ausgabe:
CARGO Film/Medien/Kultur 40
vom 14. Dezember 2018

CARGO 40 Cover, CARGO 39 Cover,

Thema/Reihe Iran
Container vom 28. Juli 2009 von Ekkehard Knörer

1 x Makhmalbaf

Mohsen Makhmalbaf: Nun va Goldoon (1996)

History and truth are often a matter of perspective as can be seen in this deceptively simple film by Iranian filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf. When Makhmalbaf was 17 years old, he was a revolutionary fighting against the Shah and, with the help of his girlfriend, stabbed a policeman and was jailed. When released five years later, he became a filmmaker. Two decades later, Makhmalbaf made the decision to track down the policeman whom he had injured in an attempt to make amends. Semi-autobiographical in nature, Nun va Goldoon (A Moment of Innocence) is a dramatization of that real event. They cast a pair of young actors to play themselves as youths and to re-enact the stabbing. For a time we alternately follow the two men and their young counterparts and we learn more about the event from different points of view. However, as filming progresses, the difference between cinema and reality becomes increasingly indistinct.

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