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  •   18. Februar 2019  

Aktuelle Print-Ausgabe:
CARGO Film/Medien/Kultur 40
vom 14. Dezember 2018

CARGO 40 Cover, CARGO 39 Cover,

Anderes Kino
Container vom 20. April 2009 von Ekkehard Knörer

Friendly BitTorrent

I've gone weeks without watching anything on DVD. That's because the superfast Internet connection that my apartment building recently tapped into gives me immediate access to just about every recent movie or TV show I'd care to watch. I can download an hourlong show in less than 10 minutes; a movie takes about 15. I can watch these on my computer or—with a DVD player that accepts USB thumb drives—on my TV.
I would gladly pay a hefty monthly fee for this wonderful service—if someone would take my money. In reality, I pay nothing because no company sells such a plan. Instead I've been getting my programming from the friendly BitTorrent peer-to-peer network. Pirates aren't popular these days, but let's give them this—they know how to put together a killer on-demand entertainment system.

In einem informativen Slate-Artikel erklärt Farhad Manjoo, warum mit vernünftigen Streaming-Services für aktuelle Filme so schnell leider nicht zu rechnen ist.

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